Anti Wrinkal Cream

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Skin Tightening Cream contain a unique combination of pure natural active.

Ingredients : Wheat germ oil and Vitamin-E, known for its revitalizing propedies, help boost the natural process of skin tightening cream propedies and reinforces its inner strength.

Direction for Use: Wash your face gently and apply Skin Tightening Cream to remove wrinkles. Apply daily.
Composition: Each 100gm Contain:- Prunus Amygdalus-0.5%, Panex Gensing-0.5%, Prunus Persica-0.5%, Olea Europoea-0.5%, Alchemila Vulgairs-0.5%, Helianthus Annus-3.0%, Stearic Acid-2.5%, Cetostearyl-2.5%, Capric Caprylic Triglyceride-5.0%, Emulsifying-2.5%, Saccharum Officinarum-0.3%, Imidurea-0.2%, Khushboo-0.5%, Purified Water-Q.s